Stringent Quality Control procedures
The following is an insight into the various quality control procedures adopted by the company, an important aspect of the manufacturing process which is directly related to the actual users of our product.

 OEM / private labeling
We undertake OEM orders and do private labeling as per the customer requirements for a fixed minimum order quantity. The designs or art-work can be provided or the same can also be developed in house for Customer approval.

 Specialty designs ophthalmic instruments
We employ a dedicated team of experts and workmanship who can develop blades and other ophthalmic instruments as per your requirements. We can produce new blades/knifes cannulas instruments, new sizes/dimensions and special products as per samples and drawings provided with a minimum lead time. We welcome all your thoughts and ideas to convert into products from people in the field of ophthalmology.

 Quality Certificatons & Standards
The company Milton Metals is an ISO 9001:2000 certified by Moody's Internationals, UK and accredited by UKAS, as certification No. IJA-0394.08, producing quality products as per International Standards.


The products match all requirements necessary for a good product and are comparable with the best. Various International Standards are followed in developing quality control procedures, disposable color codes, working process, packing process, specifications for raw-material and the validation processes for Sterilization.


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