To facilitate inject or aspirate of silicone oil in the repair of retinal detachmment
16G x 9 mm
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Tubing 16 cms long designed for use with silicone oil syringe
20G ultra thin wall Cannula with 45 bevel tip
MM253-4 : 4 mm
MM253-6 : 6 mm
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More effective infusion 20G ultra thin wall cannula with 450 beveled tip
25 cm Flexible tubing
MM1257-A : 2.5 mm
MM1257-B : 4 mm
MM1257-C : 6 mm
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20G x 25 mm Cannula with 32G (0.32 mm) x 3 mm tip extension
MM1263-S : Straight
J1263-C : Curved
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20G x 25 mm Cannula with 27G x 6 mm tip extension Angled 60
tip to aspirate lysed blood cells and subretinal fluid
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20G x 1 Cannula with 30G x 5 mm tip
MM269-S : Straight
MM269-A : Angled 45
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20G Ultra thin wall straight shaft with graduation at 5 mm interval
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20G x 22 mm silicone extends 6 mm beyond end.
Overall length 35 mm flexible tip allows autramatic entry through retinal tears
MM275-S : Straight MM275-C : Curved
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20G x 22 mm Sleeve extends 3 mm beyond end overall length with tubing 35 mm
MM279-S : Straight
MM279-C : Curved
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Vacuum handle with 20 G x 25 mm cannula provides an exit port for blood or debris when used with ind
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Sleeve extends 3 mm beyond end have slits for atraumatic brushing of retina
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25G x 1 with open end irrigation port
19G outer dia with 0.4 mm aspiration port
Used for perfluorocarbon liquid exchange during retinal procedures
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26G/26G Thinwall, Angled 35, 8 mm from bend to tip
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Sharp Tip Angled 50
Tip extension 25G x 5 mm MM293 20G x 25 mm
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Surgical instruments shown above are made of stainless steel, unless otherwise indicated.
We welcome and would like to hear from you about your thoughts and ideas on new designs on improvements to our current line.
Above shown images are property of Milton Metals. Do Not use them without prior permission.
Rights to reproduce or use the image may be obtained from Milton Metals.

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