21 G / 21 G Thinwall
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3G/25G Thinwall
Angled : 35
8 mm from bend to tip
8 mm from bend to tip
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23G/23G Open end Aspirating Port
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23G/23G Aspirating cannula has 0.30 mm inside port
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18 G Outer wall 23 G Inner with 0.30 mm side Aspirating Port, Stainless
MM113-S : Straight aspirating cannula
MM113-A : Angled, To fascillitate Aspiration behind superior iris
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With Nylon connector & Silicone tubing
MM115 : 0.3 mm Port
MM115-A : 0.2 mm Port
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Side by side front opening cannula with silicone tubing 23 G
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lat Olive Tip, 25 G, Aspiration through hub 23G Irrigation with Silicone tubing
MM121-S : Straight
MM121-L : Left
MM121-R : Right
MM123 : Same but Reverse Model
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Aspiration Through Tubing 0.30 mm, Port, 23G
MM129-0.3 : 23/23G 0.30 mm Port
MM129-04 : 23/22G 0.40 mm Port
MM129 LH-Aspiration on Right for Left handers
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Aspiration through hub 0.30 mm Port, Irrigation through tubing
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Same as J129 but both the cannula tips are sand blasted at bottom to fascilitate polishing posterio
MM137 : Reverse Model 23G/22G
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J shape fascilitates removal of cortex at 120' clock position
MM1149 : Regular
MM1149-L : Left
MM1149-R : Right
MM1150 : Reverse
MM1150-L : Left
MM1150-R : Right 0.30 mm top port
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Aspiration through 23G tubing and irrigation through 0.50 mm (22 G) bottom port
Bottom irrigation keeps capsules away from the aspiration port
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Specially designed hub eliminates use of adopter and directly fits in the silicon bulb.
Inside taper 6% luer, can also be used withsyringe.
MM 131 WB-3 : 0.30 mm port
MMJ131 WB-4 : 0.40 mm port
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Surgical instruments shown above are made of stainless steel, unless otherwise indicated.
We welcome and would like to hear from you about your thoughts and ideas on new designs on improvements to our current line.
Above shown images are property of Milton Metals. Do Not use them without prior permission.
Rights to reproduce or use the image may be obtained from Milton Metals.

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