Angled 45, Bend 7 mm, Length 22 mm
Spatulated on horizontal / vertical plane
MM069-30 : 30 G
MM069-27 : 27 G
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Angled 45, Bend 11 mm, Length 22 mm
Flattened on horiz. plane
MM071-23 : 23 G
MM071-27 : 27 G
MM071-30 : 30 G
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Hook 1.75 mm wide 2.25 mm
Long length : 22 mm
MM073-30 : 30 G
MM073-27 : 27 G
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Micro size spatulated tip for easy entry through wound under capsule Hook : 2.00 mm x 2.50 mm
MM1073-27 27G x 22 mm
MM1073-25 : 25G x 22 mm
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Short bevel tip penetrates the nucleous for manual sculpting to improve lamellar separation
Flattened & Smooth insertion under anterior capsule
Curved : 25 G
Length : 22 mm
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Close tip to prevent clogging while entry.
Three Irrigating ports for improved fluid distribution and lamellar separation.
25G x 22 mm
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Closed wedge shaped tip allows easy penetration between nucleous & epinucleous.
Two irrigating ports for fluid distribution in both the planes
25 G x 22 mm
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Tapered tip allows more flow of fluid through a smaller tip.
Easy insertion under capsule for hydrodissection or into nucleus for hydrodelineation.
25G x 22 mm
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Horizontally Flattened Tip Size
27 G x 22 mm
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27G, 90 angle, flat tip with a beveled opening
Flat tip for easy insertion under the capsular rim, provide broad stream of fluid
Beveled tip used to rotate the nucleus to ensure that it is completely separated
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Surgical instruments shown above are made of stainless steel, unless otherwise indicated.
We welcome and would like to hear from you about your thoughts and ideas on new designs on improvements to our current line.
Above shown images are property of Milton Metals. Do Not use them without prior permission.
Rights to reproduce or use the image may be obtained from Milton Metals.

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