15 mm Angled tip, Opening at top
Semi-sharp sides, 19 Gauge
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Spatulated tip left side opening
19G MM219-R Right-opening
MM219-L Left-opening
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Flattened 12 mm tip
Irrigating port on both sides and in front
Overall length 32 mm, 19 Gauge
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Opening on left side, 12 mm Angled tip, 19 Gauge
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Both sides opening, 12 mm Angled tip, 19 Gauge
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Opening in front for air injection 19 Gauge
12 mm Angled tip
Overall length 29 mm
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Surgical instruments shown above are made of stainless steel, unless otherwise indicated.
We welcome and would like to hear from you about your thoughts and ideas on new designs on improvements to our current line.
Above shown images are property of Milton Metals. Do Not use them without prior permission.
Rights to reproduce or use the image may be obtained from Milton Metals.

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