Sand blasted 0.3 mm top irrigating port, 22 mm length
MM155-S : 23G Straight
MM155-A : 23G Angled
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All around sand blasted bulbous tip, Length 28 mm, gently curved
MM157-27 : 27 G
MM157-25 : 25 G
MM158-27 : Bottom sand blasted
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Olive shaped tips with 0.30 mm top port micro sand blasted
25G x 25 mm
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Irrigating port on both sides
19G, Length 32 mm
Angled, Sand blasted
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Reverse 0.30 mm aparture, 16 mm long
23G Curved, Sand blasted
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Top port 0.30 mm aparature 16 mm long
23G curved, Sand blasted
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Tip is Angled 45, and roughened slightly
23G, Length 19 mm
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Same as MM165 but for posterior capsule
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0.30 mm top port, Angled, Blasted 3 mm from end
15-169-21 : 21G x 22 mm
15-169-23 : 23G x 22 mm
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Micro Iris retractor sand blasted posterior surface for capsule polishing side irrigation, Length 25
MM171-S : 23G Straight
MM171-A : 23G Angled
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Curved, 23 mm sleeve, length 22 mm
MM173 : 27G
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Anterior Capsule Polisher
Angled : 45
Bend : 9 mm
Sleeve Length : 12 mm
MM175 : 23G x 22 mm
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Surgical instruments shown above are made of stainless steel, unless otherwise indicated.
We welcome and would like to hear from you about your thoughts and ideas on new designs on improvements to our current line.
Above shown images are property of Milton Metals. Do Not use them without prior permission.
Rights to reproduce or use the image may be obtained from Milton Metals.

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